Rüdiger Houba

Houba is a child of the big city.

He grew up in Krefeld, lived and studied there as well as in Duisburg and Düsseldorf. He made his career as a freelance designer and artist, working for industry, agencies, companies and private clients. At some point he was no longer interested in big city life with all its advantages. Hecticness, noise, stench, dirt and the general brutalization made him unhappy. He decided to buy a house, better an old farm in the wild west of Germany and simply start anew there. So he moved to the Eifel almost 20 years ago and got to know the country and its people. Although the people of the Eifel avoid art and artists as such, Houba was able to gain a foothold here. He founded a painting school, organizes exhibitions, offers commissioned works and courses, works at schools and kindergartens on behalf of the state government.

Houba's painterly interest is in curious life situations. There is really enough of it in the German Wild West. In his exhibited works, the artist creates a lovable - critical world of experiences and imaginations. Let yourself be surprised by the diversity of his themes.

    Training as electrical installation technician
    05.07.1977 journeyman's certificate
    10.06.1980 Admission to technical college
    01.12.1980 - 31.03.1982 Civilian service Bürgerhilfe Duisburg e.V.
    1983 -1985 4 semesters Political ScienceUGH (Mercator University) Duisburg
    1985 - 1990 Studied object design at Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences
    05.04.1990 Diploma
    1990 - 1991 studies teaching profession - secondary level 2 - 2 semesters educational science / German


    Since 1987 lecturer for courses with various training providers
    Freelance artist since 1990
    1996 Own furniture design for the company Sony-Deutschland
    1998 Anuga Cologne large sculpture for a European food company  
    2000 Plastic at the EXPO 2000 Hannover
    2006 - 2009 Chairman and artistic director of the "Symposion Weißenseifen" (White Soaps Symposium)
    From 2007, foundation of a private children's, youth and adult art school in Prüm  
    2010 A hard six months Real school teacher
    From 2013 project work for the Ministry of Education RLP
    From 2014 Illustrations and texts for books
    2016 Art therapist for the Westeifel-Werke
    From 2017 art instructor for the GFA Krefeld
    From 2018 chairman and artistic director of the "Symposion Weißenseifen" (White Soaps Symposium)


    Many group and some solo exhibitions - selection:
    1996 - 1998 -Ambiente Frankfurt - Own exhibition stand
    2000 - Expo Hannover
    2012 - Mainz Museum Night - Êisenturm Mainz - International Ruhr Biennale
    2013 - SWR Studio Trier
    2016 - Cult barn Mulhouse
    2017 - Lübeck / Schattiner Kunstfest - Berlin / Art on the freighter