Movement between East & West

An exhibition directly on the border in the heart of Europe shows art objects of various directions and full of movement.

ART EXHIBITION from 04.11.2017 to 05.2018 with works of: Sharman Beheshti painting - Rietje van den Berg Sumi-e painting - Klemens Heine painting objects - Michael Frangen photography - Sabine Kathriner painting poetry

Starting in the east in far away Japan, Sumi-e ink paintings are shown. They radiate the peace of the East with a reduction to the essential. Persia, Iran a country full of history and movement. On display are works of art with depth from the mystical culture of Persia. Berlin, the divided, connected, lively and moving city. On display are works full of joy, inspiration and depth. Modern art combined with an opening to the spiritual. The Eifel is a borderland of landscapes and cultures. Photographs of the elements as well as graphic representations of a fairytale-like world bear witness to an enchanting diversity.