Eifel & More Kompanie (2018)

The Great Silk Road has been a network of central trade routes between East and West for thousands of years. Caravans have travelled through diverse cultural landscapes from Rome via Central Asia to China and Japan. Not only trade goods were exchanged though - the travellers came to the foreign regions with different philosophies and religions.

Silk made these countries immeasurably rich, as their quality was already highly valued by the Romans. Even today you can still experience the rustling of silk, the scent of spices, the intensity of colours, the shine of gold, silver and precious stones, the sounds of foreign birds and animals and the taste of the many exotic dishes at the local bazaars.

The Eifel & More Company presents important pictures and objects from the travelling exhibition "Art from the Great Silk Roads".  Numerous works of art, such as pictures embroidered with silk threads, scenes from the lives of the nomadic peoples, tapestries and colorful paintings from Central Asia. The art agency Eifel & More Kompanie acts as a professional mediator between art and business. Contemporary art encompasses ideas, questions and many challenges that are also of vital importance for modern business life. Art is an enormous source of strength. Competently mediated art is an enormous source of strength.