Mara Lames

I found the way to painting through my many years as a freelance advertising photographer in Cologne. Focus of my free works were hand-colored B / W photographs, which reflected through a supposed alienation a mood of my "seeing" at the moment of recording.
I am a native of the Eifel. "Back to the roots" I live and work for many years again in the Eifel. In search of a new challenge in the artistic field, I discovered painting as a new form of expression for me.
I work mostly with acrylic paints on canvas incorporating various materials.  
I was particularly impressed and inspired by artists of pop culture, who in a kind of departure from seriousness, from the emphatically intellectual, everyday, mundane and human, pure and clear, graphically alienated, express.
In my works are hidden behind seemingly trivial, desire and joie de vivre, but also longings, vulnerabilities and human abysses. The chosen colors are intended to emphasize the message. In the objects or sculptures, an object / figure is deprived of its original meaning and receives a completely new identity through transformation and addition of artistic elements.
When I create a picture or object, it arises from my current mood, or what just moves me. Therefore, in my work is no continuous theme or a particular line to find. But in the style always the inclusion of elements of pop culture.