Hildegard von Bingen

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HILDEGARD VON BINGEN - Live a healthier life and become happier.

Especially during Lent we often reflect on our eating habits and our bodies. It is clear that a healthy diet has a positive effect on body, mind and soul and allows us to find a form of lightness and happiness.

Hildegard von Bingen already knew this, and with her visions, her records and finally her knowledge, she created a wonderful, natural art of healing and the corresponding recipes. With it many areas of health and well-being can be supported, especially in today's world.
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In addition to spices, teas, oils and much more, we naturally offer a suitable and large selection of healing stones and books on the subject ... and our experienced staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Short biography of Hildegard von Bingen:

Saint Hildegard von Bingen was born on 16 September 1098 as the tenth child of a family in Bermersheim in Rheinhessen. Already at a young age she often suffered from illnesses and had her pioneering visions. Therefore she was brought to the Benedictine monastery Disibodenberg. In 1114, at the age of 16, she took the vow to become a nun. At the age of 38 she became leader of this community until she founded her own monastery in 1147 near Bingen on the Rupertsberg, where she died in 1179 at the age of 81. In the 16th century Hildegard was included in the list of saints.

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